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Protein Engineering

We have more than 10 years of experience in gene synthesis and molecular construction. We can provide you with customized expression, purification and characterization.

Viral Vectors & Cell

We provide you with viral vector and cell engineering services. Our viral vector platforms include but not limited to baculovirus, AAV and lentivirus.

Antibody Discovery
& Engineering

We can reformat the antibody variable region genes (VH and VL) from a given antibody to encode different constant regions and other formats, including Fab, scFv, IgM, nanobodies and bispecific molecules.

Protein Chemistry

CD BioSciences provides customized labeling and conjugation services, chemical modification services, etc. for proteins and antibodies, as well as large-scale conjugation and customized conjugation.

Our main business is to provide integrated biological solutions

CD BioSciences has established a series of collaborative technology platforms to advance
projects from discovery to development to manufacturing.

CD BioSciences provides customers with integrated solutions is our main business. We combine the R&D capabilities of CRO with the manufacturing expertise of CDMO. CD BioSciences is pleased to help its partners use various hybridoma-based and demonstrated high-performance technologies to discover and produce effective functional therapeutic antibodies. We also provide various personalized services in the field of biological preparations. CD BioSciences specializes in antibody, plasmid DNA solution, virus vector, conjugation chemistry cell line, protein chemistry and other services. CD BioSciences has made contributions to many pharmaceutical companies and scientific research institutions.

Technology spotlight

We are very happy to be able to enter the fields of medicine and biotechnology, where innovation has actively
changed people's lives. We are ecstatic about developing and building new technologies and platforms.
We are passionate about helping customers bring innovative products to the market.

Molecular Biology

CD BioSciences provides comprehensive molecular biology services. Our molecular biology services include but are not limited to:

  • Gene synthesis (including codon optimization)
  • PCR service
  • Plasmid design and construction
  • DNA sequencing and analysis

Viral vector and cell engineering

CD BioSciences provides viral vector and cell engineering services. The cell engineering team uses viral transduction and transfection methods for stable cell line development and clone isolation to produce recombinant proteins. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Baculovirus service
  • Adenovirus service
  • Lentivirus service
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