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Glycosylation is the process of adding sugars to proteins or lipids under the control of enzymes, which occurs in the endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi apparatus. Under the action of glycosyltransferase, the sugar is transferred to the protein, and the amino acid residues on the protein are covalently bonded. Proteins undergo glycosylation to form glycoproteins. Glycosylation is an important modification of protein, and it can regulate protein function. Glycosylation can significantly influence protein stability, biological activity, and pharmacokinetics of the final products.


Lectin affinity method is currently a widely used method of separation and enrichment in glycoproteomics. Lectin is a type of sugar-binding protein that can specifically recognize and bind to a specific glycosyl sequence in a monosaccharide or glycan with a special structure. They are reversibly non-covalently bound to sugar chains, glycoproteins or After the glycopeptide is captured by the lectin, a specific monosaccharide is usually used to elute the glycoprotein or glycopeptide by competing with the lectin. After the protein is digested by enzymes, lectin is used to enrich N-glycosylated peptides, and then the sugar chains connected to asparagine residues (Asn) are excised in H218O with N-glycamidase (PNGase). This treatment caused an increase in the molecular weight of Asn by 2.9890 Da. Finally, a high-precision LC-MS mass spectrometer was used to detect the peptide after deglycation to confirm the change of the molecular weight and the theoretical molecular weight of the desaccharide and the sequence of the glycosylation modified peptide to determine the N-glycosylation site of the protein.

Overall Solutions

In vitro galactosylation and sialylation pilot analysis

In vitro glycoengineering scale up

In vitro galactosylation and sialylation optimization analysis


✓ Fast process, high protein recovery rate

✓ Stable and reliable glycan conversion by IVGE

✓ Extensive expertise in sugar analysis and other biological analysis capabilities

✓ Special analysis tools and equipment for evaluating IVGE success and data verification

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Our Service Items

Project name Glycosylation service
Our services CD BioSciences offers glycosylation service service to meet the specific needs of different customers.
Sample requirements

- 5 mg of purified protein at≥2 mg/mL

- Sequence of target protein

- Theoretical pI value

- Purification method/tag on protein of interest

Product delivery mode

We will complete the project on time according to the agreed time. CD BioSciences offer you the following results:

- Glycan Profiles

- Aggregation analysis report

- Purity analysis report

- Charge Variant Analysis report

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