Lentivirus Service

Lentivirus is a type of retrovirus that causes chronic and fatal diseases characterized by a long incubation period in humans and other mammalian species. Lentiviruses and their hosts are distributed globally. Lentiviruses can integrate a large amount of viral cDNA into the DNA of host cells, and can effectively infect non-dividing cells, so they are one of the most effective gene delivery methods. A lentivirus can become endogenous (ERV), integrating its genome into the genome of the host germline, so that the virus can be inherited by the host's offspring.

Overall solutions

CD BioSciences, with the assistance of our professional scientific team, CD BioSciences provides a series of lentivirus service, including but not limited to:

  • Stable cell line selection
    The most commonly used method to study the function of a gene is to overexpress the gene in host cells or knock-down the gene by RNA interference. The conventional methods include transient transfection and selection of stable cell lines. Screening out stable cell lines with overexpression of the gene or RNA interference will bring great convenience to your experiment. CD BioSciences provides services for the selection of stable cell lines for lentivirus screening. The lentivirus infection method is more convenient and efficient than the plasmid transfection method for monoclonal screening. It is currently the mainstream stable cell line screening method.
  • Lentivirus packaging service
    CD BioSciences's lentivirus packaging service can generate high-quality, high-titer virus particles containing your constructs in only 2-3 weeks. CD BioSciences's lentiviral technology and packaging expertise can accelerate your research.
  • Lentiviral vector optimization service
    Gene therapy based on lentiviral vectors has shown encouraging results in the treatment of a series of diseases. CD BioSciences now provides a large number of lentiviral vector optimization services, covering the entire lentiviral vector design, construction, and safety assessment process, including but not limited to: lentiviral vector glycoprotein optimization, ligand targeting lentiviral vector services and miRNA regulation lentiviral vector services, etc.
  • Lentiviral vectors construction service
  • Lentiviral vector titration service
    In order to apply the lentiviral method to research and clinical research, the titer must first be evaluated. CD BioSciences provides high-quality lentivirus titer services. The determination of viral titer is an important quality assessment based on the basic research and clinical application of lentivirus. In particular, the accuracy of this assessment is critical to the patient's therapeutic dose.

CD BioSciences provides the most advanced lentivirus services to meet the needs of basic research and preclinical applications.

Our advantages

  • Low cytotoxicity (ultracentrifugation purification process)
  • No mycoplasma contamination
  • No endotoxin, exogenous microorganisms, no acid host nucleus residue
  • The titer can be as high as 109TU/mL
  • Strong customer-centric after-sales service system

Our service items

Project name Lentivirus service
Our service
  • Stable cell line selection
  • Lentivirus packaging service
  • Lentiviral vector optimization service
  • Lentiviral vectors construction service
  • Lentiviral vector titration service
Product delivery mode We will complete the project on time according to the agreed time, summarize the experimental data and conclusions, and complete the experimental report.
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Why choose us?

CD BioSciences provides professional lentivirus service, which can meet the needs of regular customers for hit identification on time and on budget. CD BioSciences relies on world-class viral vector technology expertise, we provide the highest quality one-stop lentivirus vector related services for gene delivery, including the design and construction of lentiviral vectors according to different experimental needs. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information, our scientists will tailor the most reasonable plan for your project.


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