Gene Synthesis

CD BioSciences performs custom gene synthesis internally as part of its molecular cloning service. Various codon optimizations can be performed to improve expression in various expression systems (bacteria, yeast, insects and mammals). Restriction sites, promoters and epitope tags can be incorporated in any position to achieve optimal flexibility. In addition, the service also includes sequence confirmation of synthetic DNA.

Overall solutions

The CD BioSciences gene synthesis platform has powerful long-segment DNA assembly capabilities, providing technical support for the synthesis of metabolic pathways and library assembly.

CD BioSciences provides rapid gene synthesis services, which can deliver correct genes in as little as 4 working days.

CD BioSciences' gene synthesis platform, combined with yeast in vivo recombination technology, can provide one-stop service from gene synthesis to gene cluster and small genome synthesis and assembly.

CD BioSciences platform can synthesize DNA on a large scale with electrochemical chip, with low cost, short cycle and high accuracy rate.

Our service items

Project name Gene synthesis
Product delivery mode 1 tube of about 2~5 µg dry powder plasmid DNA.
1 tube of glycerol bacteria or puncture bacteria containing corresponding plasmids.
Original peak map of sequencing results, ab1 format.
COA file containing QC restriction digestion verification.
Sample requirements 1. Synthesize the DNA sequence as it is (if optimization is not performed).
2. The protein sequence to be synthesized. Include any flanking DNA sequences, species used for codon optimization, and whether specific restriction sites should be avoided.
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Our advantages

  • High throughput: monthly synthesis throughput of up to 3 million base pairs.
  • High quality: Quality comes from advanced technology, which solves complex sequence problems such as various repetitive sequences, hairpin structure, high GC, poly structure, etc.
  • Delivery capacity: the longest can provide a single DNA fragment up to 150 Kbp.
  • Codon optimization software: optimize the sequence for you free of charge, design gene cloning scheme, select vector, fusion tag, etc., greatly improve protein expression level.
  • Project management: A professional project management team will provide you with comprehensive pre-sales consultation, order design, project progress update and after-sales service.
  • Ensure the smooth progress of each of your projects.
  • Intellectual property protection: promise to keep the details of the project and other information strictly confidential, not to develop and use in any form, to protect your intellectual property.

Why choose us?

CD BioSciences provides professional gene synthesis services, which can meet the needs of regular customers for hit identification on time and on budget. Gene synthesis service is a personalized and customized innovative scientific research service. Our experienced and dedicated scientific researchers ensure that the most suitable methods and techniques are selected for each gene synthesis service project.

CD BioSciences has mature gene synthesis technology and professional gene synthesis staff. The company can according to customer needs, at a very competitive price and fast delivery time and other advantages to provide customers with full gene synthesis and related services. Synthetic genes can be connected to different vectors according to the needs of customers. The final products provided include synthesis reports, sequencing reports, plasmid digestion maps, freeze-dried plasmids, and strains containing the plasmids. If you want to know more about service prices or technical details, please feel free to contact us.


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