Chimeric Antibody Expression

Chimeric antibody is the use of DNA recombination technology to insert the light and heavy chain variable region genes of the heterologous monoclonal antibody into an expression vector containing the constant region of a human antibody, transforming mammalian cells to express the chimeric antibody, and then the expressed antibody molecule The V regions of the light and heavy chains are heterologous, while the C regions are of human origin, so that nearly two-thirds of the entire antibody molecule is of human origin. The antibody produced in this way reduces the immunogenicity of the heterologous antibody, while retaining the ability of the parent antibody to specifically bind to the antigen.

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CD BioSciences provides mammalian cell chimeric antibody expression services. The self-developed high-expression proEM system is equipped with CHO cells/HEK293 expression host and uses serum-free medium for cell culture without any animal pollution. You only need to provide the antibody sequence, and we will finally deliver >90% purity, >1mg recombinant antibody or stable high expression cell line.

Our full-length antibody preparation service includes the expression of homologous full-length antibodies and heterologous chimeric antibodies. You can provide the full-length antibody sequence or human, mouse, rabbit, dog, sheep and other variable region gene sequences. We provide you with human, mouse, dog, monkey, rabbit, etc. constants region gene sequence, and finally deliver a milligram-level chimeric antibody.

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CD BioSciences independently developed high expression proEM vectors

CD BioSciences can express many types of chimeric antibodies, including human, murine, dog, rabbit, sheep, etc., and the experimental success rate is> 90%;

CD BioSciences can provide one-stop services such as sequence determination, antigen preparation, antibody expression/chimeric antibody expression, antibody purification, endotoxin control, and large-scale preparation.


Chimeric monoclonal antibodies are very important and powerful in therapeutics and immunoassays. For in vitro applications such as immunohistochemistry research or ELISA detection development, switching the antibody constant region to match the type of host or secondary antibody can significantly reduce background staining.


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▪ CD BioSciences specializes in chimeric antibody expression and we are committed to contributing to more customers.

▪ CD BioSciences will complete your project on time and efficiently. We have professional after-sales service: which has been established to provide customers with efficient, fast, practical and feasible solutions.

▪ CD BioSciences has in-depth cooperation with many pharmaceutical companies and research institutes, and has extensive experience in providing them with high-quality products and services.

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CD BioSciences provides professional chimeric antibody expressions service to meet the needs of regular customers to determine hits on time and on budget. CD BioSciences relies on the world-class technical expertise, we provide customers with the best quality one-stop Chimeric antibody expressions service, including the development of experimental procedures according to different experimental needs. Please feel free to contact us for more CD BioSciencesled information, our scientists will tailor the most reasonable plan for your project.


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