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Recombinant antibody is a monoclonal antibody that uses gene recombination technology to generate genes and express them in vitro. The production of antibodies by hybridoma technology requires immunity, which is affected by factors such as individual health and immune status, resulting in poor consistency and repeatability of the antibodies produced. In addition, animal-derived antibodies often cause immune responses in patients, limiting their use as clinical therapies.

In contrast, recombinant monoclonal antibodies have many advantages:

✓ Short cycle: The production cycle of recombinant antibodies is 6~8 weeks, while the preparation of hybridoma antibodies takes 4~6 months

✓ Low immunogenicity: no need for immunization, avoiding the human immune response caused by mouse monoclonal antibodies

✓ Good consistency & high reproducibility

✓ Genetic engineering: Recombinant antibodies can be recombined, including antibody fragment expression, isotype replacement, chimeric antibodies, antibody humanization, etc.

✓ Mass preparation of antibodies: Recombinant antibodies can quickly realize the mass preparation of antibodies without the need to use animals, thus overcoming the ethical problems of animals

Overall solution

CD BioSciences has rich experience in the field of recombinant antibodies. We have the ability to provide you with the production of various forms of recombinant antibodies, including full-length antibodies, scFv, Fab fragments, single domain antibodies (sdAb), nanobodies, and chimeric antibodies and diversified Fc fusion proteins, etc., the performance and application fields of each antibody are slightly different.

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Our services

CD BioSciences offers recombinant antibody service to meet the specific needs of different customers. Our services include:

1. The customer needs to provide the antibody gene sequence and express the antibody recombinantly in vitro. This method only requires you to provide antibody sequences, hybridoma cells or antibody samples.

2. Customers provide antigens/antigen sequences, and we screen high-affinity antibodies through phage display technology. By constructing a phage antibody library, screening high-affinity antibodies, and expressing antibodies in vitro after sequencing.


1. Antibody

2. Sequencing report

3. Inspection report

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Our advantages

▪ CD BioSciences specializes in recombinant antibody service and we are committed to contributing to more customers.

▪ CD BioSciences will complete your project on time and efficiently. We have professional after-sales service: which has been established to provide customers with efficient, fast, practical and feasible solutions.

▪ CD BioSciences has in-depth cooperation with many pharmaceutical companies and research institutes, and has extensive experience in providing them with high-quality products and services.


Recombinant antibodies have great potential in human and animal medical research. As mentioned above, the recombinant antibodies developed by phage display are highly specific, have good pharmacokinetics, and can be widely used in therapy and diagnosis. Such as Chimeric Antigen Receptor-T Cell (CAR-T) technology, scFv has become a part of this very promising treatment method, and it is hopeful that it will be successful.

Why choose us?

CD BioSciences provides professional recombinant antibody services service to meet the needs of regular customers to determine hits on time and on budget. CD BioSciences relies on the world-class technical expertise, we provide customers with the best quality one-stop recombinant antibody services service, including the development of experimental procedures according to different experimental needs. Please feel free to contact us for more CD BioSciencesled information, our scientists will tailor the most reasonable plan for your project.


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