Adenovirus Vector Titration Service

What is the virus titer?

The titer of the virus is the amount of virus contained in each liter of solution. The titer value is used to evaluate the amount of virus required to transduce a certain number of target cells. The transduction unit (TU) is the viral vector genome that can infect and integrate into the cell. The titer of the conventionally produced virus is between 2 x 10E8TU/ml. Adenovirus vector titer is a parameter commonly used to represent the concentration or number of infectious adenovirus vector particles. The determination of adenovirus vector titer is of great significance because it is a measure of the effectiveness of the virus vector, and it provides guidance for selecting the optimal concentration of adenovirus vector for transfection.

Overall solution

Adenovirus vector titer is an important indicator of viral vector concentration and efficiency. Adenovirus vector titration not only helps to avoid the low transfection success rate caused by low titer, but also reduces the waste of adenovirus vector caused by high titer, and can even prevent host cells from dying due to excessive viral vector infection. Therefore, CD BioSciences has developed a series of adenoviral vector titration assays to characterize recombinant adenoviral vectors. Our adenovirus vector titration strategy mainly includes but is not limited to:

  • Serial dilution method: Use serially diluted adenovirus vectors to infect 293A cells, and count the number of transduced cells by immunocytochemistry-based adenovirus-specific hexon protein detection.
  • 50% Tissue Culture Infectious Dose (TCID50): Determine the titer of adenovirus vector by measuring the adenovirus that can cause cytopathic effects in half of the cell culture plate or test tube.

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