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The signal peptide is a short peptide (usually 16-30 amino acids in length) present at the end of most newly synthesized proteins, destined to enter the secretory pathway. These proteins include those located in certain organelles (endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, or endosome), secreted from cells or inserted into most cell membranes. Although most type I membrane binding proteins have signal peptides, most type II and multi-transmembrane binding proteins target the secretory pathway through their first transmembrane domain, which is biochemically similar to the signal sequence, except It has not been cut. They are a target peptide. Now, CD BioSciences can provide you with professional signal peptide prediction service. If you have any needs in this regard, please feel free to contact us.

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CD BioSciences can provide you with professional signal peptide prediction services to meet your scientific research needs. Methods used in signal peptide prediction service provided by CD BioSciences, include:

▪ Neural network

▪ Hidden markov models

▪ Neural network and Hidden markov models

Result analysis service

The signal peptide analysis result contains three values: S-score, C-score and Y-score.

S-score: Each amino acid corresponds to 1 S value, there is a curve in the result display icon to show the change trend of S value, and the S value in the signal peptide area is higher

C-score: The value of the cut site. Each amino acid has a C value, and the C value at the cut site is the highest.

Y-score: Y-score is a parameter that comprehensively considers S-value and C-value. It is more accurate than considering C-value alone, because C-value may have more than one higher site in a series, but only shear site One; the shear site at this time is inferred from the Y-max value, and the S value is a steep place value and the site with a high C value is the shear point.


▪ The CD BioSciences team has extensive knowledge and experience in antibodies. We work with many scientists from many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and organizations.

▪ CD BioSciences is equipped with the most advanced technologies, the quality of our signal peptide prediction service is guaranteed.

▪ CD BioSciences can provide accurate and rapid sequence confirmation service according to your needs.

▪ CD BioSciences has professional after-sales service: a professional after-sales service team has been established to provide customers with efficient, fast, practical and feasible solutions.

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CD BioSciences provides professional signal peptide prediction service to meet the needs of regular customers to determine hits on time and on budget. CD BioSciences relies on the world-class technical expertise, we provide customers with the best quality one-stop signal peptide prediction service, including the development of experimental procedures according to different experimental needs. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information, our scientists will tailor the most reasonable plan for your project.


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