Adenovirus Vector Characterization Service

Adenovirus is a large molecule (36 kb) double-stranded non-enveloped DNA virus. It enters the cell through receptor-mediated endocytosis, and then the adenovirus genome is transferred to the nucleus, remains outside the chromosome, and does not integrate into the host cell genome. Adenovirus vectors have high transgene efficiency, and in vitro experiments are usually close to 100% transduction efficiency; they can transduce different types of human tissue cells, regardless of whether the target cell is a dividing cell; it enters the cell and does not integrate into the host cell genome. As a result, adenovirus vectors have been increasingly used in clinical trials of gene therapy. CD BioSciences is a leading company providing services for adenovirus vectors. Using our powerful gene therapy platform, we can provide various detection methods and customized solutions to characterize different types of recombinant adenovirus vectors.

Overall Solutions

CD BioSciences provides customers with customized solutions and a series of mature adenovirus vector characterization assays, including but not limited to:

  • Replicating adenovirus detection

The detection of replication-competent adenovirus is a guarantee for the safety of gene therapy and the oncolytic effect of cancer treatment. In CD BioSciences, the detection of cytopathic effects, quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and immunocytochemical staining can be used to detect adenovirus with replication ability.

  • Adenovirus vector titration

Adenovirus vector titration refers to the quantification of infectious recombinant adenovirus vectors. CD BioSciences provides several titration assays, including commonly used 50% tissue culture infection dose (TCID50), plaque assay, dilution assay, protein assay, etc.

  • Adenovirus vector virus particle determination

Unlike adenovirus vector titration, the determination of adenovirus vector virus particles refers to quantifying the total number of physical adenovirus particles, not only infectious adenovirus vectors, but also non-infectious or dead adenovirus. It is generally preferred to use spectrophotometry to detect adenovirus particles, and it is also recommended to determine the particles directly with the help of analytical instruments.

Our Advantages

  • CD BioSciences diversified expression cells are available for selection, scientific and reasonable screening system, optimization of the best experimental conditions.
  • The success rate of CD BioSciences experiments is as high as 95%. With a stable experimental system and rich experience, it will save you a lot of time and money.
  • CD BioSciences from gene synthesis, protein expression and purification, to the subsequent supporting experimental platform.

Our Service Items

Project name Adenovirus vector characterization service
Our service
  • Replicating adenovirus detection
  • Adenovirus vector titration
  • Adenovirus vector virus particle determination
Product delivery mode We will complete the project on time according to the agreed time, summarize the experimental data and conclusions, and complete the experimental report.
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Why choose us?

CD BioSciences provides professional adenovirus vector characterization service, which can meet the needs of regular customers for hit identification on time and on budget. CD BioSciences relies on world-class viral vector technology expertise, we provide the highest quality one-stop adenovirus vector characterization service for gene delivery, including the design and construction of adenovirus vectors according to different experimental needs. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information, our scientists will tailor the most reasonable plan for your project.


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