CD BioSciences can provide solutions for molecular biology, viral vectors & cell engineering, cell engineering service and protein engineering & production. Our professional platform includes advanced instruments such as HPLC, UPLC, MS, etc., so that you can fully understand your research. Based on experienced scientists, we can easily meet the strict requirements of various fields such as life sciences, chemistry, and drug development.

Overall solutions

CD BioSciences can provide you with the following services but not limited to:

Molecular biology

Molecular biology

CD BioSciences can provide customers with comprehensive molecular biology services, providing a variety of services: gene synthesis (including codon optimization), PCR cloning, mutagenesis, custom cloning, plasmid design and construction, plasmid DNA amplification (from micrograms to micrograms), as well as DNA sequencing and analysis. Over the years, we have optimized and automated molecular biology workflows to improve efficiency and turnaround time. In addition, we will also provide computer simulation to assist the development of bioinformatics services, which reduces the experimental procedures and cycles.

Viral vectors & cell engineering

Viral vectors & cell engineering

CD BioSciences can provide you with a comprehensive set of viral vector and cell engineering services, covering vector engineering, process development, scale-up production service. CD BioSciences' viral vector platforms include baculovirus, AAV and lentivirus. CD BioSciences' cell engineering team uses viral transduction and transfection methods to develop stable cell lines and clone and isolate them to produce recombinant proteins. Our team has extensive experience in a variety of cell types including CAR-T and many other cell lines derived from various tissues.

Cell engineering service

Cell engineering service

CD BioSciences provides a complete range of cell-related experimental services, promotes your scientific research progress, and is your reliable partner. The cell engineering platform is not only a bridge connecting genetic engineering platforms, RNA interference platforms, virus packaging and other platforms, but also independent services in the fields of medicine and new drug research and development, and has gradually developed into the core content of biotechnology. CD BioSciences cell engineering platform has a complete system and can provide technical services such as stem cell culture, primary cell separation and culture and cell proliferation

Antibody Discovery & Engineering

Antibody discovery & engineering

CD BioSciences antibody experts provide end-to-end services for antibody discovery, engineering design and development. Our process starts by listening to your project needs and then designing a customized scope of work to deliver your next set of molecules. Whether you need IgG, scFv, Fab, VHH or multiple formats, our technical team and leadership partners will help you provide the right molecule with the required functionality and cross-reactivity. The workflow of hybridoma, phage display and yeast display technology platforms has been optimized for high-quality antibody discovery, and can be used for immunization, panning and screening, cloning and sequencing, humanization and affinity maturation.

Why choose us?

  • CD BioSciences attaches great importance to innovation, the combination of production and R&D, and the introduction of high-end scientific research talents.
  • The core R&D team of CD BioSciences has a multidisciplinary background, including medicine, pharmacy, biology, materials science and other R&D backgrounds. They have active innovative thinking, rich biological expertise and experimental research experience.
  • Our team has extensive knowledge and experience, working with scientists, bio-professionals and project managers from more than 100 pharmaceutical and biotech companies and organizations around the world.


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