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A wound healing test is a laboratory technique used to study cell migration and cell-cell interactions. This is also called a scratch test because it is done by scratching the cell monolayer and periodically capturing images through a time-lapse microscope. It is especially a 2D cell migration method for semi-quantitative measurement of cell migration in cell sheets. This scratch can be produced by various methods, such as mechanical, thermal or chemical damage. The purpose of this scratch is to create a cell-free area, hoping to induce cell migration and close the gap. The scratch test is only applicable to cell types that migrate as a collective epithelial layer, and not to non-adherent cells. Specifically, this assay is not suitable for chemotaxis studies. CD BioSciences can provide you with professional wound healing assay service to meet the specific needs of different customers.

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Wound healing assay service has an experimental team composed of researchers, and relying on the detection platform, it can provide cell scratch detection services for domestic scientific researchers.


Plate cells of choice in growth medium into a live cell imaging dish or chamber slide. It is important to ensure that a monolayer is formed as clumps will provide inaccurate results due to an uneven cell density. Titrating the cells to determine the optimal plating density is necessary.

When the confluency of the cell is ideal, use a pipette tip to scratch a wound through the entire center of the well. As mentioned previously, this is where the potential inconsistency comes into play with this assay. If the scratch is made manually, it is important to make sure that the wound is visible on both side of the field of view and should be around 0.5 mm wide.

The cells can then be placed on a microscope with a relative objective of 20x.

Begin time-lapse microscopy and adjust the parameters according to the variety of cells studying. Fast-growing cells may require shorter time intervals to acquire more accurate cell speed.


1. Wound healing assay simulates the process of cell migration in the body to a certain extent.

2. Wound healing assay is very suitable for studying cell migration caused by the interaction between cells and extracellular matrix (ECM).

3. Wound healing assay is compatible with microscope systems including live cell imaging, and can be used to analyze the interaction between cells

4. Wound healing assay is the simplest method in vitro to study cell migration.

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