Molecular Cloning

Molecular cloning is to provide a method to purify and amplify specific DNA fragments at the molecular level. It often contains the target gene, and inserts them into the cloning vector by in vitro recombination method to form a recombinant cloning vector. Through transformation and transduction, it is introduced into a suitable host to be replicated and amplified, and then separated and purified from the selected host cell. The required cloning vector can get many copies of the inserted DNA, so as to obtain the amplification of the target gene.

Overall solutions

  • CD BioSciences provides plasmid design and construction services, which are part of our integrated services (for example, gene to protein, lentivirus/AAV production)
  • Our services also include subcloning the gene of interest into a vector of choice, and site-directed mutagenesis to introduce point mutations, small insertions or deletions.
  • CD BioSciences can also perform gateway cloning and custom cloning, where peptide tags or other sequences are encoded at the N or C terminus. 

Our service items

Project name Molecular cloning
Our services
  • Ligation Cloning
1.CD BioSciences digests the target gene with restriction enzymes (in a plasmid or as a PCR product, flanked by appropriate restriction enzyme sites), and then subcloned it into a target vector containing compatible sites.
2. CD BioSciences confirmed the plasmid containing the insert by restriction digest. Inserts can be arranged in order
  • PCR Cloning
1. The gene of interest is amplified with primers containing appropriate restriction enzyme sites.
2. The PCR product is digested with restriction enzymes and subcloned into the plasmid of interest containing compatible sites.
3. Plasmids containing insert are confirmed by sequencing
  • Site Mutagenesis
1. CD BioSciences designs primers and uses them for mutagenesis reactions.
2. Our service includes sequencing of the mutation part of the gene to confirm that the required changes have been incorporated.
  • Custom Cloning
1. CD BioSciences uses PCR to add other sequences, such as peptide tags or protease cleavage sites.
2. CD BioSciences identifies the correct clone through sequence analysis.
Product delivery mode 1. Recombinant plasmid from a miniprep.
2. Certificate of analysis.
Sample requirements 1. DNA template (PCR product or gene within a plasmid).
2. 1-2 ug vector.
3. Appropriate sequence information.
4. For gateway cloning, midiprep DNA or higher is needed for entry and destination vectors.
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Why choose us?

CD BioSciences provides professional molecular cloning services, which can meet the needs of regular customers for hit identification on time and on budget. Molecular cloning service is a personalized and customized innovative scientific research service. Our experienced and dedicated scientific researchers ensure that the most suitable methods and techniques are selected for each molecular cloning service project. If you want to know more about service prices or technical details, please feel free to contact us.


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