Droplet Digital PCR Assays

What is droplet digital PCR?

Droplet digital PCR technology is a digital PCR method utilizing a water-oil emulsion droplet system. Droplets are formed in a water-oil emulsion to form the partitions that separate the template DNA molecules. The droplets serve essentially the same function as individual test tubes or wells in a plate in which the PCR reaction takes place, albeit in a much smaller format. The massive sample partitioning is a key aspect of the ddPCR technique. The Droplet Digital PCR System partitions nucleic acid samples into thousands of nanoliter-sized droplets, and PCR amplification is carried out within each droplet. This technique has a smaller sample requirement than other commercially available digital PCR systems, reducing cost and preserving precious samples.

Advantages of ddPCR

  • Absolute quantification — ddPCR technology provides an absolute count of the target DNA copies of each input sample, without the need to run a standard curve, making this technology an ideal choice for target DNA measurement, viral load analysis, and microbial quantification.
  • Unparalleled accuracy — the large number of sample partitions provided by ddPCR can reliably measure small differences in the copy number of target DNA sequences between samples.
  • Eliminate PCR bias —reduce the error rate by eliminating the dependence of qPCR on amplification efficiency, so that small (1.2 times) differences can be detected.
  • Lower equipment costs — the emulsion-based reaction system means that the PCR reactions can be performed in a standard thermal cycler without complex chips or microfluidics.

Overall solution

▪ CD BioSciences can detect rare DNA target copies with unparalleled sensitivity

▪ CD BioSciences can determine copy number variation with unparalleled accuracy

▪ CD BioSciences can accurately measure gene expression levels

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CD BioSciences offers droplet digital PCR assays service to meet the specific needs of different customers.

Material Required

1. Biomaterials containing the testing material (serum, conditioned medium, cells, etc.) or purified source. 2. Specific reactants for customized ddPCR workflows.


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